At Juanita Hills Animal Hospital, your pet’s safety and comfort are priority. It becomes even more critical in surgical cases. We use the best and proven protocols of pain-management by both inhalant (isoflurane) and injectable drugs. In some cases we also use pain patch (Fentanyl). Patient monitoring is performed by using multi-parameter anesthesia monitors.
Juanita Hills Veterinary team is trained in handling the needs of any elective or emergency surgical procedures. Dr. Gurm and and his team are proficient in a wide range of procedures from spays/neuters to orthopedic procedures.
Juanita Hills Animal hospital offers very comprehensive surgical services including but not limited to ophthalmological (eye) surgeries and other soft tissue surgeries including tumor removals, gastrotomy, enterotomy, foreign body removal, cystotomy/urinary bladder surgery, stone removal, gall bladder surgeries, splenectomy, mastectomy (mammary tumor removal), intra-abdominal tumor removal and orthopedic surgeries.

D. Gurm has special interest and experience in vast range of orthopedic procedures including TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy), TTA (Tibial Tuberosity advancement), FHOs (femoral head osteotomy), patellar surgeries (patellar luxation), lateral suture cranial cruciate ligament repair (Fabello-patellar suture and Isometric extracapsular repair) and fracture repairs.

Dr. Tine and associates have special interests in soft tissue surgery, gastrointestinal, diagnostic imaging (including ultrasonography) and oral surgeries.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at 425.202.7430 if you have any questions about your pet’s surgical needs.

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