Juanita Hills Animal hospital is one of the best equipped veterinary hospitals in this modern era. Our diagnostic abilities include but not limited to:
In-House laboratory: Juanita Hills Animal hospital has an in house laboratory to run most of the essential blood test, pre-surgical blood tests and also emergency profiles. We utilize in-house microscopy for various cytologies. We also utilize a reference laboratory and work with board certified pathologists for reliable test results.
Digital diagnostic radiology (whole body x-rays): X-rays are used to diagnose various cardiac, pulmonary, abdominal, musculoskeletal and traumatic conditions. We also have the ability to perform renal and barium radiographic series.
We have the best technology available for diagnostic radiology, using the Sedecal digital x-ray system. It takes images in seconds with virtually no repeats and is viewable in seconds on any screen in the hospital. The result is the highest quality digital x-ray image in short time with minimal exposure to both patient and staff.
Our team can even make you a CD to view at home for discussion with family and follow ups elsewhere if needed. Our x-ray reports can be reviewed by a board certified radiologist for diagnostic confirmation and the turnaround can be as fast as within minutes after electronic submission.
Digital dental radiography (dental x-rays): We use digital dental equipment to x-rays for both diagnostic and treatment purpose. We can send these radiographic images to a board certified dentist if needed for consult on complex dental procedures.
Diagnostic Ultrasound: Ultrasound is a non-invasive way to diagnose various abdominal and cardiovascular conditions. It provides a visual mapping of the internal cavity and organs and thus aids in the final diagnosis.
At Juanita Hills, digital ultrasound is utilized for abdominal ultrasounds, regular cystocentesis, biopsies, fluid removal etc and can be reviewed electronically by a board certified radiologist.
Opthalmology: Our veterinarians use Tonopen /Tonovet to diagnose ocular pressure related conditions like uveitis, glaucoma etc. Schirmer testing and fluorescein dye tests are also utilized for the correct diagnosis of eye injuries and conditions.
Allergy testing: Allergies are one of the most common skin conditions in veterinary medicine and we utilize a reference lab (Biomedical Services) for exact diagnosis and immunotherapy for skin allergies.
Referrals to a dermatologist are also available but most of the time, we are able to manage the allergies here at our facility.
Snap testing: At Juanita Hills Animal hospital, we have the ability to run various snap tests to diagnose potentially lethal conditions right away, including parvo, pancreatitis etc. Timely diagnosis of these conditions help us in providing necessary treatment right away.
Electrocardiography: Our team does regular EKG to diagnose any irregularities with the cardiovascular function and can follow up with chest ultrasounds if needed.

Rhinoscopy: We offer rhinoscopy and cystoscopy to diagnose diseases of nasal cavities and urogenital system respectively.
Blood pressure: Blood pressure checkups are regular in senior pets and latest technology using PetMap is utilized. PetMap can be used on anxious pets right in the exam room in the presence of their parents as it doesn’t involve placement of an ultrasonic transducer on their paws.
Anesthesia monitoring: Anesthesia monitoring is strictly followed for any sedation or anesthesia protocols. Mut-iparameter monitors and pulse oximeters are utilized throughout the procedure and during recovery.
Juanita Hills veterinarians diagnose and manage critical internal medicine cases including but not limited to cancer diagnosis and treatment, cardiology, ophthalmology, neurology, gastroenterology, dermatology and endocrinology.

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